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Happy 2012!

Happy New Year!  Chad and I rang in the New Year with just the two of us this year.  We ordered some ready made food from Fresh Direct, picked up some beer, and had a grand ol’ time.  We also invoked and oldie but goodie to pass the time, a puzzle!  350 pieces and bought [...]

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Thanks, I Needed That

I needed a win.  I just didn’t know it until it happened.  Last Thursday, my new improv group Slayer! won Round 1 of the Prestige Improv Competition at Stand Up NY Comedy Club.  The winner was chosen by round of applause and we won by a landslide.  In the few months since my last performance, [...]

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New Year’s from Times Square!

I got to see the ball drop in Times Square this New Year’s!  It only took 11yrs. to accomplish, but I can now check it off my not-yet-written Bucket List.  Writing a Bucket List is #1 on my Bucket List.  Growing up my “big plan” was to welcome in the new millennium in Times Square.  Instead, on [...]

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A Christmas List

Traditionally my husband and I travel to Kansas to spend Christmas with my family, but this year we’re staying home. Though I will miss spending time with my family, there are some things I will definitely not miss: Crowded airports Choosing between being fondled by the TSA or a bombardment of radiation Screaming children Flight [...]

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My First Blog Post!!!

My first official blog post! I have to give a big shout out to my awesome husband Chad.  For Christmas this year he set up this blog for me AND my website too, check it out at  What a rockin’ gift, thanks Chad!  (I really love that guy) While you are checking out websites, [...]

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Merry Christmas

Niki, I hope you enjoy your website and your new blog.  Looking forward to seeing what’s inside Niki’s Noggin.   I know I have no clue Love Chad

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